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Cake Art

October 12 2016

This cake could be a work of art! The fall inspired fruit is coated in sugar and gold edible paint to add to the piece of art.

Relaxation on the Mind

September 29 2016

This bride gifted her bridesmaids these beautiful appointed boxes. The idea of each box was tranquility & relaxation. The bride wanted her girls to have a relaxing day before her big day!

Modern Mix

September 22 2016

We are loving this vintage and modern mix of decor. The best and most creative part though, is the glass floating on top of the table with greenery underneath. It gives such a lush feeling to the table, without taking up all the space on the table.

Finding your Save the Date

September 15 2016

How great is this viewfinder as a "save the date." The couple took pictures around their hometown, and put the details of their big day over top the images. The guests got to experience such a creative save the date!

Garden Party

September 09 2016

This setting reminds us of the Birmingham botanical gardens. We can picture the area being transformed to look like this image, which would take our breath away!

Clean & Crisp

September 01 2016

The clean crisp setting of this table is stunning. The clear glass plates with a gold rim is what makes this table so unique. It's so timeless and elegant!

5 O’Clock Somewhere

August 25 2016

This beautiful round bar is calling our name. It's 5 o'clock somewhere...right?

Fall Favors

August 17 2016

How beautiful and yummy do these favors look. This is such a beautiful fall favor idea, the burlap packaging is what seals the deal for us!

Navy & Gold

August 11 2016

We are in love with the combination of these colors. The navy and gold seem classic, but rarely used anymore. We definitely don't mind these colors being brought back in demand.

Mans Best Friend

August 04 2016

They are called "man's best friend" for a reason. The idea of your pup being your best man is quite fitting!

Figgy Reception

July 28 2016

We are loving the figs on the table as part of the décor which adds a pop of color. The deep color of the figs is also picked up in the floral arrangements, which brings everything together!

Doughnuts for Days

July 22 2016

Doughnut station anyone? This is our idea of a sweet idea. There are so many delicious artisanal doughnut makers around town now....perfect time to take advantage of them on your special day!

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