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Cat Paw & Plant Medium Rice Bag

Cat Paw & Plant Medium Rice Bag

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Handmade 20 by 13½ centimeter Rice Bag with cute, trendy print. Contains 400 grams of rice and is reinforced with double layers of fabric.

Great for headaches or carpal tunnel and can be used as a heating or cooling pad. Personally, nothing is better after a day of crafting than getting to ice my wrists with ease.

To use as a heating pad, microwave and for an added bonus of relaxation you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil after warmed. Deep breaths!

To use as a cooling pad, place the bag in the freezer for a few hours before use. Great for cooling down or using as an "ice" pack.

*All handmade items are individually made, and due to the nature of the material there may be slight variances and or imperfections. Dimensions are approximate due to this. All products are made with love and care.*


Fabric, Thread & Rice


20 by 13½ centimeters

Care information

Do not wash.

Rice Bag Instructions

To use as a heating pad, microwave
for the following (times may vary depending on your microwave):

Large - 3 minutes
Medium - 2 Minutes
Small - 1 Minute

To use as an “ice” pack, store in the freezer for a few hours before needed, or store regularly if this is your preferred use. We do recommend storing in a freezer bag to stop moisture from penetrating the ice.

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